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Barf Bag Lab

Today we are making BARF BAGS😩

Relax!!! NOT real barf! We are using the process of alcoholic fermentation to demonstrate how yeast convert sugar into energy! This is a biological process that produces ethanol & carbon dioxide as a waste product. You may have used this process making homemade bread or pizza dough!  



1 pkg of yeast or 2 ¼ tsp of yeast from a jar

1 small cup of warm water

½ cup sugary cereal of your choice ( We are using Frosted Flakes )


What to do

- mix all the ingredients in a snack sized Ziplock bag. Remove all the air. Mix well & let it stand on your desk for the rest of the class period!! 


Anwer these questions

  1. What process is taking place in your barf bag?
  2. What gas is being produced in the barf bag?
  3. Name another real-life activity that uses a process similar to the barf bag. 

Check below for pictures of results from each class period. 

After just 1 hour my barf bag looks like thisπŸ” & it smells like ethanol! πŸ™Š


2nd Hour Barf Bags ( after 1 hour)




2nd Hour Barf Bags ( after 2 hours) we had a couple of blowouts!!! The bags actually burst because there was so much gas production!       


3rd Hour Barf Bags (after 1 hour)


6th Hour Barf Bags (after 1 hour)


The chemical formula for what is happening in our reaction is

 C6H12O6→ 2 C2H5OH + 2 CO

Try this experiment at home then email ( me a picture of your results!

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