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Cherokee Dictionary

Cherokee Dictionary


Cherokee Language -Basic Knowledge by Victor Wildcat

Cherokee  Basic Language -by Victor Wildcat 



Cherokee Language lesson 2

Cherokee Language Lesson 2 By Victor Wildcat 

Cherokee Language lesson 1

Cherokee Language -1 

by Victor Wildcat 

Cherokee Culture

Cherokee Culture -Making Stickball Sticks

Cherokee Culture

Cherokee Culture -Stickball Class 

Cherokee Culture

Cherokee Culture Lesson 2

Cherokee Culture

Cherokee Culture Lesson 1

Tribe Information

In this area you will find your tribal information links, as well as culture activities. As I recieve permission I will add each of the tribes in this area.

Molly of Denali

This video is on PBSkids -it is a safe site for the lower grades, Molly is a young Native American girl from Alaska. 

Cherokee Nation


Cherokee Nation is one of the  12 tribes represented here at Vian.  

We are within thier tribal jurisdiction, therfore we monitored by them.

From this web site you will find resources, for your whole family.

I will be able to help you find information or help assist you to find answers to your questions that you may have.

If you have questions about what is and what is not provided through this program, details can be found on this web site ,to answer your questions.

I will be adding more to this web site as we go.

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