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Modified Bus Routes and Late Start Procedures

Posted Date: 01/08/2024

Vian Public School 

Modified Bus Routes and Late Start Procedure

Bus Barn Phone: (918) 773-5798 x128


Parents will be notified through text and/or email and on the school Facebook page when either of the following procedures are activated.  


Modified Bus Routes: These routes will be used when road conditions allow for major roads to be traveled, but certain areas may still be treacherous for school buses. Modified routes will be in effect for both AM and PM routes when they are activated. 

  • Route A: Students on Ridge Route will meet the bus at Blackgum Baptist church at 7:10. Lake Addition students meet at Big Daddy’s at 7:15.  Hopper’s Corner students meet the bus at HWY 100 at 7:25.

  • Route B: Students on E990 and S4523 RD will meet the bus at Harvest Time Church at 7:15.  Students on E990 that are closer to HWY 82 can meet the bus at HWY 82 at 7:20.  Students who live on Moonshine will meet at the main road at 7:35. Redbird Addition students meet at the main gate at 7:40. 

  • Route D: Meet at the Pinhook Corner 4-way at 7:30. 

  • Route E: No changes.

  • Route F: Students on E966 RD (McCoy Cemetery) S4545 RD and S4540 RD North, meet at  Evening Shade Community Building at 7:30. Students in Sequoyah Estates E972 Rd meet at the bottom of the hill on Barnoskie Cemetery RD. 

  • Route G: Students on E1025 RD and S4482 RD meet at the junction of S4482 RD and 1025 RD (Terry Wright’s RD) at 7:40

  • Route H: Students in East Lake Hills will meet the bus at the gate at 7:20. 

  • Route J: No changes.

  • Route K: No changes.


Late Start: Buses will run one hour late. Regular or modified routes may be used, depending on road conditions. School will dismiss at 3:10 as usual.